Friday, January 9, 2009

bird's eye view

I had a dream last night. It was a very specific dream, to sum it up in two words I would say green and grey. After associating the dream with those two colors, I immediately think of a green and grey shirt I have only been wearing for a few weeks. I bought the shirt in the beginning of the new year for the new year thinking that a new shirt for the new year wasn’t a bad idea. Aside from the fact that that shirt was on sale-I cannot give you anymore reason as to why I bought that shirt. However, I can confirm that my new green and grey shirt has made it's debut and done little to nothing for me. I am assuming that you don’t even deem it necessary for me to give any justification, but these things do need to be justified (to oneself at least). And that brings up another topic; ignorance. With all due respect, you are ignorant. Furthermore do you know exactly which shirt I am talking about, if so -when was the last time you even saw me wearing it? Which brings me to point number two (the former point number one)

bird’s eye view - A view of an object from above, as though the observer were a bird. If you are a bird I would like to suggest that now would be the opportune moment to personify yourself.

Overview of underground hospital parking lot.

People walk in and out of unnecessary corridors. They walk from their cars to other cars, shaking hands with people on the way. People are mildly happy, as people seem to be while eating h'ordeurves. Of course there are the gentle types who are wearing hand cream and only taste one of each h'ordeurve, and their opponents who eat as much as possible and even take it upon themselves to eat the toothpicks. On the sidelines stand the ones who wear glasses and actually know what kind of wood the toothpicks are made of and refuse to touch the h'ordeurves, no matter how delightfully satisfying they may be. (I’m talking buttered oyster, bacon wrapped steak, that butane fired desert with a French name that girls always talk about)

The people are discussing kneecaps. They want to trade their kneecaps with each other in order to find the best fit. It’s a spiritual thing where everyone is generous.

One guy gets stuck in one of these unnecessary corridors and he begins to weep. A pool of white cum tears, something like liquefied bone begins to occur at his feet. People gather around him and one lady bends down on her knees in front of him and begins to pray.

Alienation - There is a function you are not invited to no matter what.

Jealousy - You really want to go

Precariousness - Your girlfriend is perceived as being taller than you even though she is shorter by an entire inch.

That was as much of my dream as I can recall while still being honest about the details. Anything more would categorize this as a piece of fiction, and this is not a piece of that. I was only a spectator, and now you too are only one of those.


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