Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grocery List

Walking back from conservation. Eat holes in air, while air remains holy. While anger is initiated when things come somber. Sadness sets in as pleasant objects are stacked in the center of a space. The way the head feels when the skull feels too. Walking home from mental space. Mental space influenced by physical space that eats up holy brain sheets
but there still remains a bare room. Room for dying. (add: there is no living without dying). If this room was any MORE by ANY MEANS I couldn’t take it. I couldn’t understand it. There is no understanding if there are things never to be understood. Anyways I walked along seeing neutral pink faces in physical streets. Hands clenched to make moment keep momenting. (momenting: the string like effect that ensues directly after a moment takes place, in my opinion a moment has only ever occurred once, since that point we have become nervous, terrified of the second coming of the moment, so as to buffer our fears and feed our control innuendos we have created psuedo moments to dull senses and keep us encircled; I too am victum). Thinking physical thoughts in a mental state while physical acts go un pronounced, the mental suckfish becomes thirsty. I must salivate on the physical acts that pain skull and mind. Since I feel the course of shit today. Usually I can feel the travels of dinner swimming tubes in my gut. Today it is shit, shit that forces weight through veins pushing fecal to ends of fingers and toes. Making them longer, fuller. Weighing down skull. On my way down, I grab out for my dearest possessions but miss, I hadn’t aimed right.

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