Saturday, January 10, 2009

Untitled # 28

We all got into the car
we were to drive to the west coast
it was the day of a shooting

we were in the car
coffees in hands
the radio was on

it was 11:45 am
we passed through the intersection
myself in the passenger seat

a girl at the wheel
one girl and one boy
in the back seat

I remember we were discussing
how to get to the highway

at noon we were on the highway
at noon a guy behind the wheel
got two bullets through the chest

shot by someone
on the sidewalk

he made it through the intersection
trying to keep the car running
to escape more bullets
he tried to hold on

it didn’t happen
he died on the wheel
the car came to a stop

making it halfway through
a chain link fence
on the side of the road

it was nice to see the coast
we arrived late that night
stayed one full rainy day

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