Wednesday, December 31, 2008

all of the bees.

Andre was getting more and more worried about the bee’s nest growing in his microwave.

Andre had no idea how the nest was able to grow inside of the microwave-

but it had.

At first, he thought that the constant buzzing was a case of bad electricity. When he asked William, his neighbor, if he had bad electricity running through his room, William asked him to repeat himself. Andre repeated himself and William then explained that he did not know what Andre meant. William then stared at Andre for a moment, realizing that maybe Andre was asking about his spiritual state, and said, “naw Andre, it’s all good.”

Andre went to the local library and researched bee pheromones. He was inclined to figure out if there was a way to lure the bees out of his apartment. Andre was easily distracted and began reading through a men’s magazine called, CUM BUCKET. A small advertisement in the back pages of CUM BUCKET seemed to suggest that Andre buy cologne, in order to attract women. The advertisement in CUM BUCKET urged Andre to be very diligent with applying the cologne, to make certain that the women would surely “provide”.

Andre went to the local pharmacy/beauty shop, and bought himself a bottle of moderately nice (but not too nice) cologne.

When Andre came home that day, he turned on his microwave and melted all of the bees.

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